Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. 1 Peter 4:10

Dear Friends of St. Andrew,

The birding enthusiasts in Johnson County regularly count more than 50 species of birds in one day's outing. Club members love to search the waterways, the grasslands, the woodlands, and their own back yards for rare and recurring species. They list shore birds, waterfowl, raptors, humming birds, songbirds, and more. One could say the birders recognize the MANIFOLD list of birds.

In 1 Peter, the word MANIFOLD translates the Greek word--poikilos-- meaning diverse and abundant. Like the many species of birds, the apostle Peter highlights grace in many forms. Some grace comes in physical or financial resources; some comes in talents or relationships; other forms of grace develop through suffering and perseverance. Any gift we have in life is grace from God. Even in poverty, we find gifts of grace.

Each year during the stewardship season at St. Andrew, we review how our financial gifts enable our church ministries. These ministries include music, family and community programs, mission, outreach, staff development, and expanding facilities. In the fall, the session members and Finance Team use your feedback to make budget plans for the following year.

Please browse the website and especially the news links to our monthly Messenger for details about the many ministries at St. Andrew. For information about our financial goals for 2018, please click on the PDF and YouTube links below.

We understand that giving to the church is a personal decision. When we give faithfully, we reflect the faithful, relational nature of God. Some of us are called to give more and others give less. God gives many different kinds of gifts and obedience to his call is our priority.

We encourage you to pray and ask, "God, how can I use my personal and financial gifts to serve others through the ministries at St. Andrew?" There is always time to add your gifts to the St. Andrew family.

Through giving, we hope you encounter anew the abundant, creative, surprising, irresistible grace of God. Like birding enthusiasts, we search for grace and blessing amongst each other.


The Stewardship Team

Christina Donelson and Bruce Walker, co-chairs

November 2017


The links below include a PDF and YouTube version of the Finance Team's presentation during the Adult Education hour on Sunday, October 22. 

PDF Version of Slide Presentation

YouTube Video of Slides 1 - 6

YouTube Video of Slides 7 - 11