Prayer starts with God...He has something to say when we feel the urge to pray...The sense of needing to pray for challenges or opportunities throughout the day is because He has wisdom and insight He wants to impart.
Lloyd Ogilvie

Prayer ministry

We need each other!  St. Andrew Prayer Ministry has a place for everyone. Whether you're active, homebound, or in-between, there's always a way you can uphold the church family in prayer.

The Prayer Ministry Team welcomes all St. Andrew members and friends to join us in this partnership of prayer. It is a privilege to stand with others in prayer, to see God at work as prayers are answered, and to thank God together. The Prayer Ministry began in 1994. It is a caring ministry that continues to flow - touching joys, sorrows, and needs as we join in prayer for all requests even if they are anonymous.

There's an outpouring of thankfulness for sustaining prayers and to God be the glory. We encourage you to talk with any of us to explore the possibility of your becoming involved in a deepening prayer life and in the joy of intercessory prayer.

If you would like to find out more about the Prayer Ministry, or to have a prayer concern placed on the Prayer List, or would like to have a prayer/praise announcement made to the congregation on a Sunday morning, please email or call the church office at 319/338.7523.

Prayer Cards

Anyone may write a joy or concern on a prayer card with confidentiality. Prayer Cards are available in the pew racks and by the Prayer Request Box outside the church office. Cards are collected during worship services or can be left in the Prayer Request Box. Prayer concerns are compiled in a Prayer List and prayed over by the Prayer Ministry Team daily. Prayers are followed up, so praises and updates are current on the weekly Prayer List.

Quiet Times with God

Did you know there is a wonderful resource available to focus and inspire you on your daily prayer journey? Quiet Times with God is a monthly treasury of verses to enhance your daily devotions. Your spirit will be lifted as you meditate on the Lord's word and claim his promises. Consider using Quiet Times with God to pray with your partner or with your entire family. A little discussion about the verse followed with prayer will bring your family closer together and closer to God.

Quiet Times with God is composed each month by members of the Prayer Ministry Team. Click on the link or pick one up each month.

book of Common Worship, Daily Prayer

As we respond to the Word with thanksgiving and intercession, daily prayer shapes Christian life. We learn the habit of gratitude for God's grace; we learn to seek and trust God's saving power.

The Book of Common Worship, Daily Prayer provides simple prayers of thanksgiving and intercession for each day of the week. The daily framework of petitions offers a systematic and disciplined way to pray for the church, the world, the local community, and personal needs. It is portable and contains liturgies for Morning Prayer, Midday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Prayer at the Close of the Day. It also includes Psalms. 

To purchase a copy, visit Amazon, Cokesbury, or Christians Book Distributors.